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Aluprof in Canada with VST

So many reasons to chose Aluprof in Canada for your architecture, design and renovation of your buildings and homes!

Firstly, Aluprof owns an independent Centre For Research & Innovation. The Centre has implemented and operates in accordance with the highest standards of the industry.

The laboratory carries out product testing in the following areas: Operating forces, Water resistance, Air permeability, Resistance to wind load, Curtain walls Air permeability and much more.

Second, Aluprof statements toward the industry, clients and employees is a milestone on quality, reliability and sustainability:

"Aluprof, as part of Grupy Kęty, pursues the ideas of Corporate Responsibility and sustainable development by establishing multilateral relations with its environment which take into account as broad a group of stakeholders as possible: shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and local communities. A business is nothing without people. .."

Third: ALUPROF has a GREEN orientation which features important value and quality for the futur of the architecture and building construction. Aluprof PARTNERS THE GREEN BUILDING SYPOSIUM. The 9th Green Building Symposium, organised by the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC), which is a member of the World Green Building Council.

Moreover Aluprof ALUPROF joined a UN Global Compact Green World Foundation initiative promoting an ecological education project.

VST distributes on the Canadian market aluminum doors and windows of high end and outstanding quality and performance made to last but mostly VST chose Aluprof to bring a voice for the futur of green construction in Canada.

VST TEAM by Cathie St-Germain

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